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Activated carbon adsorption / desorption + catalytic combustion equipment


This product uses honeycomb activated carbon as adsorbent, combined with adsorption purification, desorption regeneration, enrichment of VOCs and the principle of catalytic combustion and development of a large amount of air, medium and low concentration of organic waste gas treatment equipment.

Working principle

The exhaust gas is adsorbed by activated carbon to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. When the activated carbon is saturated with adsorption, the activated carbon is regenerated by hot air desorption, and the concentrated organic matter is sent to the catalytic combustion bed for catalytic combustion. The organic matter is oxidized to harmless Of the CO2 and H20, the combustion of hot exhaust gas through the heat exchanger to heat the cold air, heat exchange after the cooling part of the gas emissions, part of the honeycomb activated carbon desorption regeneration, to waste heat utilization and energy saving purposes.

Technical characteristics

1, suitable for dealing with room temperature, air volume, medium and low concentrations of organic waste gas;

2, does not produce secondary pollution, equipment investment and operating costs are low;

3, the adsorbent selection of high-quality honeycomb activated carbon, with long life, low running resistance, high efficiency of purification;

4, catalytic low temperature decomposition, warmer time is short, low energy consumption, long life of the catalyst, catalytic decomposition purification rate of up to 97%;

5, the equipment is stable, reliable, less active parts, maintenance system is equipped with complete, easy operation and maintenance;

6, the entire operation process to achieve fully automated PLC control, convenient and reliable;

7, the system installation facilities, with a flame arrester, vent outlet, the operation of the abnormal situation will alarm and automatically shut down.


Suitable Scope of adsorption - catalytic combustion Processing

1, can be used for organic solvents purification (benzene, alcohol, ketones, aldehydes, esters, phenols, ethers, alkanes and other mixed organic waste gas).

2, for organic chemicals, coatings, insulation materials and other industries emissions of low concentrations, multi-component, and no recycling value of the exhaust.

3, can be used for organic waste generated by a variety of drying ways, printing iron cans, surface spray, printing ink, motor insulation treatment, shoes, viscose and other drying lines, purification process.


Working principle diagram

Project case diagram

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